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The SureSense+ (SureSense Plus) is an advanced wall-mounted foam controller, which connects to up to three sensors mounted in a single, or multiple, process vessel(s). It allows for the accurate control of aqueous foam by sensing and differentiating between foam and liquid contact. The controller can activate a dosing pump to either keep the foam at a fixed level or to reduce the foam height as required.
Hycontrol’s unique IMA sensing® technology ensures the system will operate correctly even if the attached sensors become severely fouled. The controller is pre-programmed with a number of useful factory application settings/recipes to aid set-up, and offers both proportional and delay-and-shot algorithms for anti-foam dosing when controlling a pump or valve. To discriminate between foam and splashing or other spurious triggers, the controller has an adjustable response time. Although the controller can be used for stand-alone control, other control actions such as vacuum valves or gas control can be interfaced. Thresholds for both foam and liquid level can be adjusted for very light foams. 

IMA Principle

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