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Bliss Anand America

Bliss Anand is a leading manufacturer of field instruments for process and power industries including Sight Glasses, Magnetic Level Gauges, Magnetostrictive Transmitters, and Radar Transmitters. 

  • Esablished: 1975

  • US Headquarters: LaPorte, TX

  • Key Products: Level Measurement

  • Advantages: Fast Lead Time, Custom Designs


Magnetic Level Gauge

Bliss Anand Magnetic Level Gauges are highly accurate, low-maintenance alternatives to sight glasses and other outdated level indicators. They provide redundant, non-invasive level indication while eliminating leak points and fugitive emissions. Their robust design is ideal for high temperatures, high pressures and corrosive services. Bliss Anand gauges are easy to install and require no extra piping in most applications.

BlissWave 5200 Series Radar Level Transmitter

2 wire / 10 GHz Radar (FMCW) Level
Modular design ensures suitability for variety of mounting positions and applications
High Accuracy
Universal measurement device for liquids and solids
SIL2-compliant according to IEC 61508 for safety-related systems
Remote monitoring using 4-20mA signals

BlissFlex 2200 Series Guided Wave Radar Level Transmitter

2-wire, loop powered
4-20mA, HART Protocol
Can be mounted on bypass chamber
Factory configured and ready to use
0.12” Accuracy / ± 3mm
Measuring range up to 131 ft. / 40m
Display keypad is directly accessible without opening the cover
Explosion Proof and / or Intrinsically safe
SIL-2 Compliant acc. IEC 61508

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Guided Wave Radar
Mag Gauge
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