Taking You Further - A Better Air Distribution System

This modular design makes expanding air manifolds a snap.

RavenFlo offers instrument air headers in various dimensions and designs at competitive prices, but we are excited to feature Fitok's AH Series Air Header for obvious reasons. The AH Series Air Header has a modular design with 4 distribution lines as standard but can easily be expanded to 8, 12, or more distribution lines. This unique product has a compact design to allow easy installation.

Customers interested in this product have multiple choices of inlet and vent types. The series' inlet and vent fittings connect the main line by use of O-rings, providing reliable sealing. The distribution valves have non-metallic seals to ensure zero leakage and a quick action ball valves when opening and closing. This newly released line just can't be beat! For more information, call a RavenFlo team member today!

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