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Hydrofluoric Acid (HF) Alkylation Products

Hydrofluoric Acid (HF) Alkylation Units, often referred to as HF Alky units, are process units used in petroleum refining to convert isobutane and alkenes (primarily propylene or butylene) into alkylate, which is used to make gasoline. Before being transferred to the alkylation unit, the alkenes are generated in a fluidized catalytic cracking unit (FCCU). Once in the alkylation unit, the alkenes react to the isobutane while in the presence of a catalyst, causing the two substances to combine, creating the alkylates.

In HF Alkylation units, hydrofluoric acid is used as the catalyst. HF Alkylation units are particularly vulnerable to hydrofluoric acid corrosion. It is observed that 316SS is not compatible in this application, due to which, it is mandatory to offer MONEL.

RavenFlo excited to highlight these products by AZ Valve and Badotherm that are specifically designed for use in HF Alky units. Unique design leads to increased corrosion resistance and reliability.

Bliss Anand in collaboration with Badotherm, Holland, have developed a unique diaphragm seal solution for such severe applications. This includes providing a diaphragm seal in MONEL 400 with 40 µm (1570 µin) gold coating, which is very unique in the industry. Also, other components such as the back flange, flush ring and plugs are offered in Monel material to have better corrosion resistance.

AZ Valve has designed a plug valve for HF Alky service that is UOP approved. Download the datasheet below.

In addition to these products, RavenFlo supplies various Monel products including: Instrument tubing and fittings, Instrument manifolds, Valves and regulators, Flanges and pipe fittings

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