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FITOK Releases Sulfinert Treated Range Of Products

Sulfinert®-treated Products


Natural gas samples often contain varying amounts and types of sulfur compounds, which can interfere with reaction or poison catalysts in many petrochemical processes. Because sulfur compounds quickly react with stainless steel surfaces, accurate determination of these compounds is impossible when using untreated sample cylinders. Sulfinert® passivation technique bonds an inert silica layer into the surface of the stainless steel. This layer acts as a barrier, preventing active compounds from reacting with or adsorbing to the stainless steel. Sulfur and mercury compounds exhibit greatly increased stability to Sulfinert®-treated cylinder, which can be applied to the following fields: analytical process, environment detection, downhole sampling from petroleum and natural gas wells, as well as monitoring and control of oil refining and petroleum processes.

Other Sulfinert®–treated products are also available,such as Sulfinert-treated needle valves, ball valves, tubing, tube fittings, quick-connects, etc.

Sulfinert -treated Sample Cylinders

  • Sulfinert coating to provides stable storage of sulfur and mercury compounds at ppb levels in petroleum samples for extended periods of time

  • Sulfinert* coating does not flake off and is more durable than Teflon coating

  • TPED/DOT certified or non-DOT specification cylinders available

  • Single-ended and double-ended cylinders available

  • Standard end connection: 1/4" female NPT

Sulfinert -treated Valves

Needle Valves

  • All wetted components Sulfinert -treated

  • Maximum working pressure up to 5,000 psig (345 bar)

  • Working temperature: -28 C~204 C (-20°F~400°F)

  • Non-rotating stem and durable PCTFE or PEEK soft seat for leak-free performance

  • Standard end connection compatible with the sample cylinder, other end connections available

Ball Valves

  • Valve body and ball Sulfinert -treated

  • Maximum working pressure up to 3000 psig (207 bar)

  • Working temperature:-54°C~148°C (-65°F~300°F)

  • One-piece body and one-piece ball stem

  • 2-, 3-, 4-, 5-, 6- and 7-way models for on-off, switching and crossover service available

  • Pneumatic or electric actuator available

Sulfinert -treated Tubing and Fittings


  • Internal and external surfaces of the stainless steel tubing Sulfinert-treated

  • Use with Sulfinert-treated tube fittings

  • Polished external surface free of visual defects to ensure reliable seal with tube fittings

Tube Fittings

  • All components Sulfinert -treated except the nut

  • Preciously machined components to ensure perfect deformation of the ferrules and tubing

  • Hardened threads with smooth surface finish avoids galling and helps extend the fitting service life

  • Easy to disconnect and reassemble

  • Multiple configurations available


  • All wetted components Sulfinert -treated except the O-ring

  • Single-end shutoff, double-end shutoff and full-flow quick-connects available

  • Push-to-connect coupling for quick and easy operation

  • Sturdy locking mechanism with large contact area to ensure reliable stem retainment

Ordering Information Other valves and fittings treated with Sulfinert passivation are also available upon request. Please contact RavenFlo for more information. | 337.240.8718

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