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Trust Your Hart To ProComSol

Perform complete HART device configuration using your

PC | Android Device | iOS Device

RavenFlo is partnered with ProComSol, the US based leading provider of communication solutions to the HART marketplace. With this partnership, RavenFlo is responding to the growing trend of mobile data usage in industry applications.

ProComSol designs and manufactures advanced, cost-effective, and reliable HART communication products for Process Control applications. Providing complete monitoring and configuration of your HART instruments, their product offering includes HART Modems and Smart Communicator Software for Windows, Android, and iOS platforms at a fraction of the cost of a handheld communicator.

Some of the advantages of their Device Descriptor Based HART Communicators are:

  • Ease of use - see entire DD (Device Description) menu structure

  • Uses registered DD binary files developed and tested by the device manufacturer - feel free to view the current DD library list

  • Documentation and management of device configurations using standard software and app tools - View a sample PDF Report

  • Bluetooth modem available for convenience - the device can cover a range of up to 275 feet from a PC

  • Ease of updating DD Library

  • Multi-function capability of PC, iOS (Apple), or Android device

  • Cost-effective solution

  • Emerson 475 or 375 replacement at fraction of the cost

  • Supports WirelessHART devices

  • All software and Apps support HART-IP

  • Hazardous Area Options

These capabilities are featured in the following products:

  • DevComDroid Smart Device Communicator Android

  • DevCom.iOS Smart Device Communicator iOS

Reach out to our dedicated team if you have any questions about ProComSol's reliable HART solutions.

*ProComSol has completed the HART interface for the DevComDroid App and is undergoing Beta testing.

A version for Foundation Fieldbus and PROFIBUS PA will be available later in 2018.

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