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Hycontrol’s foam control technology offers a practical solution to a host of anaerobic digestion & biogas issues, reducing both risk and costs. Their new SureSense⁺ system (pictured above) measures and controls foam. It's purpose-designed foam measuring and control systems use patented sensing technology, preventing damage to both equipment and vessels, while also eliminating the risk of pollution.

High levels of foam is a significant issue for operators, reporting that excess foam can reduce gas production by up to 40%. Foam can damage gas extraction equipment and block pressure relief valves, often resulting in a rupture of the vessel. Repair costs, loss of production during downtime and environmental pollution have come at a tremendous cost to many in the industry sector. Hycontrol's specialized foam control SureSense⁺ system has met the challenge to maintain foam at the optimum production level, maximizing the digestion process while reducing any risk.

SureSense+ Foam Detection System

Designed purely for this purpose, the detection system accurately controls aqueous foam by sensing when foam touches the end of the probe. SureSense+ systems have excellent resistance to fouling/build up and will still operate reliably with even the largest deposits on their sensing elements.

SureSense⁺ features a new multi-probe capability, allowing for fully independent monitoring and dosing control of up to three tanks from a single controller. This offers multi-tank users a significant cost saving, as well as simplifying programming and creating flexibility for different set-ups

Dosing can be controlled utilizing either a standard on/off or delay & shot algorithm; or, by using the proportional algorithm, the dosing quantity is adjusted to suit the quantity of foam detected in real time

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