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Hose Solutions: It's Easy To Make Good Choices When There Are No Bad Options

At RavenFlo, we offer a comprehensive line of hoses, fittings, equipment, and accessories for use in industrial applications. We pride ourselves on giving you the options you need to meet your projects specific needs. Our single-source solutions include hydraulic and industrial hose, fittings and adapters for any application, backed by leading manufacturers in today's industry and knowledgeable staff, for quick service and support on a local basis. Check out two of our feature partners, representing some of the best available solutions to address your unique needs.


CEJN Hoses & Couplings

  • Ultra high pressure hoses & couplings

  • Hydraulic hoses & couplings

  • Breathing air hoses & couplings

  • Pneumatic hoses & couplings

  • Fluid hoses & couplings

Their patented CiS (CEJN Identification System) technology makes safety even more accessible to the end user. This android app raises the bar once again, giving quick feedback on whether or not your hoses are safe for use.

This short movie explains the technology!

Get CEJN CiS technology on your next hose kit!



  • MH, MM Series - Metal Flexible Hoses

  • PS Series - PTFE-lined, Stainless Steel Braided Hoses

  • MP Series - Multipurpose Push-on Hoses

  • TH Series - Thermoplastic Hoses

  • HC Series - Hose Connectors, Adapters and Sleeves

Access Fitok's full line of Hoses and Connectors or download their app to access their E-Catalog today!

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