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To All Who've Served and Continue to Serve

This Veterans Day, Nov. 11, we have an opportunity to express our gratitude for all of our veterans — especially those who live and work right here in our own community. As fellow citizens, their distinctive experiences and perspectives enrich and help shape our lives and the lives of our children. In recognizing those who have offered their service for our freedom, we encourage all citizens to not only acknowledge those who experienced the life-threatening moments defending our great country, but also those who experienced the life-altering ones. The missed birthdays. Graduations. First steps. First touchdowns. Illnesses. Bad news. Good news. Spelling bees and science fairs.

Here at RavenFlo, we understand a lot about duty, leadership, and honor from our military brothers and sisters and their service for this country. They’ve sacrificed a lot to keep our families safe- and those that love them, they've sacrificed a great deal, too.

Veterans Day is a chance to fall in love with our country all over again, not just for the comforts and privileges it offers to us. A day like this gives us a chance to learn what it means to love this country. A chance to listen. A chance to say "thank you."To all the men and women who’ve served and continue to serve our country, we salute you.

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